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vinyl floor mat aqua orange floral

Vinyl Floorcloth - Pattern 73 Doodlebug (size options)

Spicher and Company
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Product Code: 53031
Made to order + not eligible for return. Ship time 4 - 8 weeks. Special quotes for custom sizes.

Description + Details

Like a field of dancing flowers the Doodlebug floral vinyl floor mat offers an uplifting spirit to a space. Inspired by old floor mats and vintage linoleum, these vibrant vinyl floor cloths offer warm colors with beautiful aged characteristic. Their worn appeal makes them great in kitchens and baths, while the smooth surface is perfect in an office where rolling chairs can glide. And don't forget a playroom ... easy to clean. The cloths can be used in controlled outdoor settings such as a screened-in porch or covered lanai. These wonderful designs are printed on durable, certified non-slip, lay-flat vinyl. Due to their mastered printing process please expect some variation in hue and saturation. With a wide range of color combinations and sizes to choose from, enjoy picking your favorites to dress up your floor. (SC)

size options
use water + mild detergent to clean surface
some mats are intentionally distressed to build character and interest
USA Artisan + Maker

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