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Step Right Up! Begin your room design with a fabulous rug. It acts as a foundation and can influence the artistic flow of a space and unify your color scheme. Jute, sheepskin, wool or vinyl … we’ve got you covered.

Unique Floor Coverings + Area Rugs

In a deep shade, it grounds a room. With plush softness, it's tactile comfort. Enlivening a monochromatic setting, it’s a pop of color or dynamic splash of pattern. Such is the decorative power of stylish area rugs. An otherwise unobtrusive presence in a room, a floor makes a definitively chic statement when coordinated with your decor.

It’s the diversity of style, texture and color that empower this decorative accent. From the rich hues and swirling patterns of our luxurious area rugs to the unexpected panache of our vinyl floor cloths — their intricate designs adding unabashed style to any decor — our unique area rugs elevate a home’s interior design. The ability to purchase these designer rugs online only heightens their appeal.


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