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Walls + windows … you can’t miss them. Treat them with the same level of significance as a furniture selection.

Shop Designer Wall Art + Window Decorations

Window accouterments, wall art, sculptural decor and shelving are cornerstone pieces of a room’s interior design appeal. Treat them with the same level of significance as furniture selections by looking to BSEID for inspiration on designer window furnishings and one-of-a-kind artwork and decoration. From original, inspirational art and artifacts to our collection of USA Artisans and vintage found objects, BSEID offers wall pieces that resonate with your style and personality. Choose functionality, such as a mirrored shelf or a rustic coat rack to maximize your space through design. Create your room’s anchor as over-sized clocks, plaques, signs and word art serve as the focal point providing texture, interest and a “conversational piece” in your space.

The eyes of your home, the windows, are the most sought after place for expert interior designer input. BSEID offers a wide variety of window dressings to answer all your window treatment challenges. Design, privacy and functionality, shop our unique selection of high end curtains and drapery panels that will enhance your room’s environment.


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