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Create a special ambiance in a room by layering light, just as you would layer decor with colors and textures. Whether ambient, accent or task, let BSEID illuminate your space with our selection of chandeliers, pendants, table and floor lamps.

Upscale Lighting and Accessories

Lighting decor is a fabulous way to define a space and set the tone of your home by creating an inviting ambiance for everyday use. Stylish lighting adds an extra dimension and impacts the look, feel and mood of a space by unifying all its elements. Our designer curated collection of lighting, featuring form and function, gather fixtures that are utilitarian as well as design oriented. Organic, global, sleek, classic, urban, and industrial are just some of the styles BSEID has to offer. Shop our store for chandeliers, pendants, lamps, sconces, accessories and unique light fixtures that you won’t find anywhere else.


Join Our Tapestry

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