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Hat hooks and hampers! Organization that is stylish and functional, and suitable for years to come!



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Unique Babies + Toddlers Room Accents

Cuddly and endearing, delicate and dainty, quirky and creative — children’s bedroom accents are as delightful in range as the children themselves. Adding to the enchantment of purchasing these beguiling items for luxury kids’ bedrooms is the nostalgia evoked by pieces deeply reminiscent of bygone eras.

Take our plush natural cotton handmade dolls, for instance. Designed of cloth much like the ragdolls of yesteryear, these dolls exude charm as baby bedroom accessories. Likewise, plush pillows embellished with bunnies and kittens or a pouf adorned with the alphabet are equally soft and captivating as part of a toddler’s room decor. Ultimately, the emotions conjured as you buy such unique baby room design accessories are as moving and memorable as those of the child who receives these sentimental treasures.


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